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This 4-Way Smart-Choice Flooring Guarantee is provided by Refloor, LLC (“Refloor”), to you, the original purchaser. Refloor’s installed materials are warranted by the manufacturer in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranties. Please consult your manufacturer warranties for further coverage. 



(1) Lifetime Guarantee on Labor  

If, after installation, there are any defects in the installation, Refloor will repair or replace the flooring in the affected room or rooms at no cost to you.  


(2) Lifetime Gap-Free Guarantee 

Your floor’s sure-lock technology is designed to lock your floor planks seamlessly. However, if a gap does occur between two or more boards at any time, Refloor will repair it at no cost to you. No new planks will be used; rather, Refloor will only be relocking the existing planks.  


(3) Lifetime 5 Plank Guarantee 

Your floor’s wear layer protection is ‘life-proof’, but some scratches and damage can occur from excessive or improper use. If your floor does scratch or damage, Refloor will replace up to 5 planks. A claim under this Guarantee may be made by you for any reason. Once the claim is made, Refloor will coordinate a time for an installation representative to visit you and replace the affected planks. For administrative ease, the 5 planks to be potentially used for a claim will be given to you following the original installation of your flooring. You are expected to store these planks safely in the event you need to make a claim under this Guarantee. If you are no longer in possession of the 5 planks given to you at time of original install or you refused to take possession of these additional materials at time of original install, additional planks may be purchased by you at the prevailing list price per square foot on the date of the claim. We cannot guarantee product availability or dye-lot matches. If you desire more than 5 planks to be replaced, a new work order will be created, and a price will be determined by the prevailing list price of the product for the additional work necessary. A claim under this Guarantee is subject to a trip charge at Refloor’s prevailing rate at the time of the claim.  


(4) Lifetime Love It or Leave It Guarantee 

Refloor wants you to love your flooring. If at any time and for any reason, you decide you no longer love your floor, Refloor will credit you 50% of the original purchase price toward a new replacement floor from Refloor. For example, if you paid $3,500 for your kitchen floor and 6 years later, you want to replace it with a new color, we will take $1,750 off of the price of your new purchase. Simply call Refloor and mention the “Love It or Leave It Guarantee,” and we will apply this credit towards your new purchase. The new floor must be installed in the same room as the original floor. If multiple rooms are purchased in the original sale, the credit will be prorated based on the total square footage being replaced as a proportion of the total square footage from the original sale. No other discounts or promotions will apply to the new floor purchase. The price of floor before the guaranteed discount is the prevailing list price of the product.  




These Guarantees apply to you only if you: (1) are the original consumer purchaser of the floor; (2) have paid in full for your floor (including any outstanding receivables for billed services), and (3) have purchased the floor for your own personal residential use and not for resale. These Guarantees ARE NOT transferable or assignable. In the event that the style installed in your home is no longer available for repair/replacement purposes, Refloor will replace the affected floor with another style of equal value and appearance of Refloor’s choice with your approval. These Guarantees assume normal and reasonable use of products. Removal, repair, or re-installation of any products by other than Refloor voids these Guarantees.  


Any guarantee other than the “Lifetime Love It or Leave It Guarantee” is transferable one time for a fee of 10% of the original purchase price. Refloor must be notified in writing and payment must be received with thirty (30) days of the transfer of the property. Refloor has the right to inspect the property to ensure the floor is in an acceptable shape (no scratches, gouges, excessive wear and tear, or other damage outside of that which can be expected from normal use) at the time of the transfer.  With payment, homeowner must include a copy of the title transfer agreement for the home. If both payment and agreement are not received within 30 days, all guarantees on the flooring become null and void.  




These Guarantees are the only expressed guarantees provided by Refloor. No employee, representative, agent, or any other person, has authority to assume or incur on behalf of Refloor any obligation, liability, or responsibility in place of or in addition to these Guarantees. REFLOOR HEREBY EXCLUDES AND DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL OTHER GUARANTEES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BY WAY OF ILLUSTRATION AND NOT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, HABITABILITY, AND MERCHANTABILITY. THE LIMITED WARRANTIES CONTAINED HEREIN SHALL BE IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Refloor’s liability to you under these Guarantees is limited to the amounts received by Refloor for services rendered under the original sales contract with you. In no event shall Refloor be obligated or liable for incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind for the breach of any express or implied warranty. 




To reduce the chances of an issue with your flooring, Refloor provides you with the following floor care and maintenance recommendations: 


Daily Maintenance 


1.    Sweep dust mop or vacuum your floor regularly to remove any particles that could cause abrasion or scratch your floor. CAUTION: Vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head can damage a floor and should never be used.  

2.    Use a damp mop to remove spots and soil. 

3.    For difficult to clean spots or stains, use a solution or cleaner specifically recommended for use with luxury vinyl tile flooring. Rinse thoroughly and soak up any residual water completely. Floor can be disinfected using a solution of 1 cup white vinegar with 1 gallon of hot water. CAUTION: Floor will be slippery when wet.  

4.    Do NOT use acetone (ie. Nail polish remover) or other strong solvent.  

5.    Do NOT use chlorinated solvents.  

6.    Do NOT wax or varnish coating.  

7.    Do NOT use steel wool or scouring powder which will scratch the floor.  

8.    Do NOT leave any amount of liquids on the floor for any extended amount of time. Wipe up spills immediately. 

9.    If none of the above are effective and you choose to use a store-bought product, test the product in a non-conspicuous area (i.e., closet, corner, or scrap pieces) for potential adverse side effects.  


Preventative Maintenance 


1.    Protect your floor when using a dolly for moving furniture or appliances. Protective sheets and/or plywood may be needed. Never slide or roll heavy furniture or appliances across the floor.  

2.    Place protective pads beneath furniture legs and other heavy objects.  

3.    Avoid excessive exposure to water from being tracked in during periods of inclement weather.  

4.    Minimize abrasive material and dirt by placing mats on both sides of exterior doors and by using area rugs in high-traffic areas  

5.    Rearrange furniture and rugs periodically to avoid uneven color and shade changes from light exposure.  

6.    Use protective mats beneath rolling chairs and keep furniture casters clean.  

7.    Keep pets’ nails trimmed.  

8.    Remove shoes with cleats, spikes or exceptionally pointy heels before walking on the floor.  


Climate Maintenance 

1.    Care should be taken to control temperature. Extreme temperature changes may result in unacceptable expansion or contraction.  


Floor Repair  


1.    Very light and small surface scratches can be repaired with a staining “touch up” pen of the appropriate color.  

2.    Slightly deeper scratches can be repaired by means of colored putty and or stains. Fill the scratches with the putty. Level with putty knife. Wipe off excess putty.  

3.    Very deep scratches may require the replacement of the planks