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Refloor Guarantees

110% Risk-Free Guarantee

Refloor is a family-owned and operated business, and we stand behind our products and installations. If, within the first three days of a completed installation, you are not satisfied with our product or quality of work, we will fix or replace items within the contractual obligations, Work Order, and Refloor standards. If we do not address the issues, you will be entitled to a refund of up to 110%. Here is how it works: 

">Upon arrival on the installation day, you will approve your plank color and your Work Order. At this time, you will remit full payment and we will begin your installation, at which time your 110% Risk-Free Guarantee will be in place. You will inspect all work as it is being completed and address any issues with your Installer or your Project Coordinator immediately to solve any problems during the initial installation. When the installation is complete, you will inspect the job with our Installer. If you find the project is not 100% complete based on the quality of work, materials, and/or Work Order, you will create a punch list with the Installer and Project Coordinator (A punch list is a list of items that must be addressed before the project is considered complete). If the punch list cannot be corrected immediately, we will schedule a service call while you are on the phone with our Project Coordinator. All issues will be corrected within 33 days from installation. If the punch list items persist for more than 33 days, you will be entitled to a 10% refund; after 60 days, a 25% refund; after 90 days, a 75% refund; and after 120 days, a 110% refund.

We want to provide you the best project outcome possible given the condition of your underlying subfloor. This guarantee does not cover leveling beyond what is required in our Work Order or change orders, any abuse, and terminates on the fourth (4th) day following the installation date. The Owner agrees to provide reasonable access to the property within the 30-day repair window at scheduled time(s), from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Saturday, for punch list item completion.

Refloor guarantees your project will be completed as described, or you will receive up to 110% of your money back. This 110% Guarantee cannot be changed by any conversations between Owner and Refloor. Any changes must be in writing and signed by Owner and Refloor. This 110% Guarantee is for the sole purpose of protecting the Owner.

4-Part Lifetime Guarantee

The 4-Part Lifetime Guarantee is provided by Refloor to the Owner, who: (1) is the original purchaser of the floor; (2) has paid the Contract in full; and (3) has purchased the floor for their own personal residential use and not for rental use.

Lifetime Labor Guarantee - If there are any defects in the installation, Refloor will repair or replace the flooring at no cost to you.

Lifetime Gap-Free Guarantee - If a gap occurs between two or more boards at any time, Refloor will relock the existing planks at no cost to you.

Lifetime 5-Plank Guarantee - For projects of 100 square feet or more, Refloor will supply Owner with 5 full-size planks at the time of installation. Owner agrees to store these planks horizontally and make them available in the event a plank replacement becomes necessary. If Owner is no longer in possession of the 5 planks, additional planks may be purchased at the prevailing list price on the date of the claim. Refloor cannot guarantee future product availability or dye-lot matches. For projects less than 100 square feet, Refloor will supply the planks (up to 5) at the time of repair that match as closely as possible from our then current inventory. Once a 5-Plank Guarantee claim is made, Refloor will schedule a time for an installer to replace the affected planks. A claim under this Guarantee is subject to a trip charge at Refloor's prevailing rate at the time of the claim, with a minimum of $199, per occurrence. If Owner requests replacement of more than 5 planks, this will be outside the scope of the Lifetime 5-Plank Guarantee and a new Contract will be created for the additional product and labor necessary for installation, and the prevailing list price will be charged.

Lifetime Love-It or Leave-It Guarantee - Refloor wants you to love your flooring for life. If at any time and for any reason, you decide you no longer love your floor, Refloor will credit you 50% of the original purchase price toward a new replacement floor from Refloor. For example, if you paid $3,500 for your kitchen floor and 6 years later, you want to replace it with a new color, we will deduct $1,750 off the price of your new purchase. Simply call Refloor and mention the "Love It or Leave It Guarantee," and we will apply this credit towards your new purchase. The new floor must be installed in the same room as the original floor. If multiple rooms are purchased in the original sale, the credit will be prorated based on the total square footage being replaced as a proportion of the total square footage from the original sale. No other discounts or promotions will apply to the new floor purchase. The then prevailing list price will apply to the new flooring.

The 4-Part Lifetime Guarantees, except for the "Lifetime Love It or Leave It Guarantee", are transferable for a one-time fee of 10% of the original purchase price. Refloor must be notified in writing and payment must be received with thirty (30) days of the transfer of the property. Refloor has the right to inspect the property to ensure the floor is in an acceptable condition (no scratches, gouges, excessive wear, or other damage outside of that expected from normal use) at the time of the transfer. With payment, Owner must include a copy of the title transfer agreement for the home. If both payment and title transfer are not received within 30 days, all guarantees on the flooring will be void.

The 4-Part Lifetime Guarantee assume normal and reasonable use of products. These guarantees will be void if the flooring is removed, repaired, or re-installed by anyone other than an authorized representative of Refloor. Refloor's installed materials are warranted by the manufacturer in accordance with the manufacturer's warranties. Please consult your manufacturer warranties for further coverage.

If the flooring style/color installed in your home, under this Contract, is no longer available for repair or replacement purposes, Refloor will replace the damaged floor area with another color and style of comparable value and appearance from our then current inventory.

These Guarantees are the only expressed guarantees provided by Refloor. No employee, representative, agent, or any other person, has authority to assume or incur on behalf of Refloor any obligation, liability, or responsibility in place of or in addition to these Guarantees. REFLOOR HEREBY EXCLUDES AND DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL OTHER GUARANTEES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BY WAY OF ILLUSTRATION AND NOT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, HABITABILITY, AND MERCHANTABILITY. THE LIMITED WARRANTIES CONTAINED HEREIN SHALL BE IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Refloor's liability to you under these Guarantees is limited to the amounts received by Refloor for services rendered under the original sales contract with you. In no event shall Refloor be obligated or liable for incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind for the breach of any express or implied warranty.