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Common Flooring Renovation Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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If your floors are outdated or really worn down, you might be looking to give them a facelift soon. Floor renovations are a big decision to make that can be both costly and time consuming, so doing your homework is critical.

Like all other major home renovation decisions, floor renovations shouldn’t be made lightly. What look are you going for and what is your budget? Are you already married to the idea of hardwood floors, or is that just all you think of when you think of quality flooring? What other flooring options are there? Are you worried the renovation will take too much time?

If you’ve already found this blog post then you’ve probably already stumbled through our site and played the tourist, clicking around to learn more. Let us be the tour guide and walk you through a couple common floor renovation mistakes most people make—and how Refloor is your antidote to each of them.

What’s your budget?

Don’t underestimate your budget when it comes to home flooring renovations. Miscalculating your budget can alter the trajectory of your flooring results, including timeframe and quality of work.

Why Refloor is the antidote: We work within your budget to get you the results you’ve not only dreamt about while standing in the middle of your  room, but ones you can expect from qualified professionals. Our 4-Way Lifetime Guarantee ensures that you are happy with the results, forever, and feel supported throughout the entirety of the process.

Sacrificing quality for affordability

Affordability isn’t meant to be a ding against any product or materials meant for your home. All homes can be made to look like an HGTV ad with some elbow grease, style, and strategic budgeting. But if you’re looking to compromise quality, long-lasting flooring for a cheaper option—step away from the wallet and phone before any critical decisions are made!

Why Refloor is the antidote: We specialize in providing our clients with a range of flooring solutions designed to meet any budget or style.


Our luxury vinyl plank flooring is 100% waterproof (unlike laminate) and can be installed in any room. It looks and feels like hardwood, but with amazing durability. As a result of that durability, it won’t scratch, stain, fade, or damage the same way hardwood does.

You can’t find the measuring tape

Or, if you can find it, your measurements end up being off. You don’t want to leave any gray area for a project of this scale. One minor mistake can cost you that much more in flooring materials and will throw your budget off track in an instant.

Why Refloor is the antidote: We are licensed and insured builders, so you and your home are protected. Our installers are certified Refloor Installation Specialists. Our next day flooring installation process is so easy. We handle the nitty gritty details; all you have to do is kick your feet up and enjoy your new room once it’s been installed.

Or go ahead and stomp around all over it. Test those sturdy floors out!

Our installation process is completed in just three easy steps:

Step 1: Our Preparation

  • Move your furniture
  • Remove and haul away old flooring as needed
  • Scrape flooring surface
  • Skim & level as needed

Step 2: Our Installation

  • Cut and custom fit planks
  • Sure-Lock everything together
  • Add quarter-round moldings and transitions

Step 3: Your Approval

  • We return furniture to your room
  • Your 5-Star Review is our ultimate goal!

We believe that healthy living starts at home, and if home is where the heart is, then make yours beat loudly. Don’t feel the pressure to take on work you’re not familiar with just to save some money. We are local and a proud member of your community and we stand by our reputation.

Want to avoid these common flooring renovation mistakes? Contact us today!

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